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अधिक माहिती करिता खालील लिंक पहा

Art of Paper cutwork

The art of paper cut work has been ancient art of China. It is believed that this art spread in India through China. The Chinese paper cut work includes cutting of paper in various shapes like flowers, trees, butterflies, dragons, etc. with the help of scissors or knife. These cut outs are used as decorations during their festivals. The cut outs are pasted on walls or they are put on window panes & in the night they are lit from behind.

The cut work done in India is known as Sanjhi kala. This art is limited to depicting various episodes from lord Krishna’s life. They are one-piece cutting with stencils which are cut with the help of scissors, blades or knife. Such stencils are used either directly to decorate the ground & coloured like ‘rangoli’. In case of rangoli the stencil is lifted after the colours are filled. Since this coloured rangoli is put open for public during evening, the name ‘sanjhi’ kala may have been derived; ‘sanjh’ = evening.

Golden Oriole (हळद्या)

हे चित्र एका कागदावर कापलेले आहे. त्यातील सर्व बारकावे कापण्यासाठी ऑपरेशनच्या ब्लेडचा वापर केला आहे.  असे कापून तयार केलेले चित्र दुसऱ्या रंगाच्या कागदावर  चिकटवलेले आहे.

This picture is a one-piece paper cut out that is cut on one paper and pasted on the other. All the details are depicted with the help of various shapes of cuts. It is cut with the help of surgical blade. No other medium is used.

I read about both these arts in “The India Magazine” old issues in 1994 which my father had bought from old book sellers. After reading the articles, we had discussions and he suggested to try it out with the help of surgical blade. Hence I decided to do it with the help of surgical blade with the concept of one-piece cutting and theme of birds. First exhibition of these cut outs was organized by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) in December 1994.

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Magpie Robin (दयाळ)