Beautifying our surrounding

Beauty of flowers and flowering plants has always been admired by all of us. The wide variety of colours that nature has blessed these plants with are indeed pleasing & soothing to eyes. When these plants are planted with a certain theme / concept in any given area their beauty is enhanced manifold and give pleasure to the observer. This is what we call as landscape designing. It requires knowledge of plants as well as the skill to visualise the landscape after the plants set in.

Along with various types of plants, water bodies, pathways, arches, gazebo, children play area, etc. are incorporated in the landscape. To enjoy beauty of nature during evening time garden lights are also suggested. To relax & sit at ease in this area various types of sit outs can be prepared.

  • We suggest site visit & initial meeting – this preliminary visit is mainly to understand the area to be landscaped as well as to discuss various aspects with the client
  • Requirements / project specific needs of clients, if any, are considered during this visit. Also possibilities of those requirements to be incorporated in the landscape are discussed.
  • Expected use of green area is also important aspect of consideration while preparing design– children play area, recreational area, jogging purpose, meditation, educational activity, biodiversity conservation etc.
  • While designing, we see to it that as far as possible there will be some or other type of flowers & colours throughout the year.
  • We also give concept like bird garden and butterfly garden where in a habitat for these species is created so as to make it a natural place of residence for them.
  • While designing the area, aerial view of the design is one of the important aspects that are taken into account if the house or bungalow or building is having a terrace / balcony.
  • Retaining topographical features (wherever feasible) & existing trees, if any makes the whole area more natural.
  • Native species are incorporated in the design in addition to various ornamental plants.
  • Schematic drawing along with schedule of quantities of different plant species & execution details is prepared.
  • Civil components like walkways / pathways, sit outs, arches, gazebo, water bodies / fountains are only suggested……technical specifications are not given.
  • Need based assistance is made available on visit basis for maintenance of this landscape garden area. We also propose high / low maintenance gardens depending up on requirement of client.