Nature trails of the season

Winter has well set in and Dapoli being hill station we experience chilled days during this season. This year’s cold wave made the mercury fall well below 100C.

दापोलीत थंडीची लाट लोकांना चांगल्यापैकी गारठवू लागली आहे.

Morning on a cool winter day

Many tourists visited Dapoli during year end holidays. I got opportunity to conduct nature trail for various groups during this period. These were at various locations as well. Positive response from trail participants was very encouraging.


Mixed deciduous forest

दर वर्षी प्रमाणे यंदाही नवीन वर्षाच्या निमित्ताने भरपूर पर्यटकांनी दापोली व परिसरातील गावांना सुट्टी साठी पसंती दिली. मला ह्या दिवसांमध्ये वेगवेगळ्या ठिकाणाहून आलेल्या पर्यटकांसाठी निसर्ग भ्रमण कार्यक्रम घेण्याची संधी मिळाली.

Trails were conducted for tourists staying at various places like Amrute’s Nisarga Sahawas – Gavhe, Naad Beach resort – Murud, Mangalmurti Niwas – Jalgaon, Hotel Abhishek – Jalgaon etc.

Group on trail

Following are highlights of various trails along with few interesting aspects the group got to observe while on the trail.

खाली दिलेले फोटो हे निसर्ग भ्रमणाचे तसेच निसर्ग भ्रमणात ज्या दिसू शकतात अशा काही गोष्टींची झलक दाखवत आहेत.


River with its calm water


Giant wood spider


Eranthemum roseum

Participants of the trail got to see various types of plants as well as birds, spiders and butterflies.

Ghost tree in flower


Pond Heron


Group on trail at Naad Resort, Murud


Group on trail at Naad Resort, Murud













Group on trail




Group from Mumbai on trail











I also got an opportunity to conduct nature trail and other related events for the students of Mithibai College, Mumbai.

Students of Mithibai College Mumbai on nature trail

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