NATURE Education Activities at DAPOLI

Further to overwhelming response from most of you towards our “hands on experience” session for school children at Kop’s nursery, Dapoli, we are detailing salient features of the Nature Education Activities to be experienced at & around DAPOLI.

In keeping with the objectives of Learning as you Relax, we can suggest a 2 or 3day stay at DAPOLI. You may find options for lodging & boarding for the group from internet OR we can suggest some, if you feel so.  A group of 15 to 20 persons would be ideal but we could stretch up to 25 people. If you are interested in bringing a group of students you can manage the same with appropriate responsibility. OR it may be a group of interested parents & children. This can be planned during week ends as well as during forthcoming Diwali and Christmas holidays.

Besides each one’s Personal Effects, items like Woolens, torch, sleeping bags etc. would make the trip more comfortable.

However we must stress that:

Binoculars, camera & any other valuable items should be brought at your own risk.

One of our sessions include a walk along the sea shore, nobody will be allowed to go in the sea as it is dangerous.

Participants should be informed that they should develop a Camp Attitude, where adjustment to other members of the group, food, water and general living facilities may not be to individual tastes.

All Instructions given by us should be followed while on the trail esp. in the Forest.

In addition to our guidelines, you can include your disciplinary instructions for the participants.

As we are all used to a noisy and lively action in the Metropolis, all Participants should be requested to enjoy nature’s experience in SILENCE and try to maintain this silence throughout the trip.  This will help them experience and practice NATURE’S relaxation techniques.

It is a fact that if one has to know nature one has to be with nature. This event will aim to give broad idea about nature & its functioning along with man’s co-relation to nature. It will be holistic approach to look at nature & our individual roles in nature’s conservation; this will be the main objective of the event.

We look forward to your continued interest and participation.

Learn with FUN – PLANTS

21st September was an unforgettable day for us. We got an opportunity to conduct a session of “Hands on experience about various aspects of plant life” jointly with Kop’s Nursery, Gavhe – Dapoli, ( ) for students of Beacon High (3rd, 4th & 5th Std.) from Mumbai. There were a total of 84 students.

२१ सप्टेंबर हा दिवस आमच्यासाठी अविस्मरणीय ठरला. मुंबईच्या बेकन हाय शाळेच्या ८४ विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी एक आगळा वेगळा कार्यक्रम करण्याची  संधी आम्हाला मिळाली. विद्यार्थ्यांना नर्सरी मध्ये वनस्पतींची ओळख व कार्यानुभव असा कार्यक्रम होता.  कॉप्स नर्सरी , गव्हे  ( ) ह्यांच्या सहकार्यामुळे आम्ही हा कार्यक्रम त्यांच्या नर्सरी मध्ये  घेऊ शकलो.

Introductory Session at Kop's Nursery

Our 10+ years’ experience in conducting such types of educational activities with various age groups starting from 3 years helped us in making this event a grand success. Satisfaction and joy expressed by students as well as teachers was our most treasured gain.

Further to introductory session we divided the whole event into 3 activities, viz., a round in the nursery to know various types of plants, practical session and demonstration session. We divided these students in 2 groups.

In practical session, the students enjoyed the experience of handling soil, manure, coco peat, moss and other material. Filling up of poly bags and root trainers was also enjoyed by them. All of them took equal interest in demonstration of various propagation techniques like air layering, stone grafting and transplanting.

Interacting with them was an equally enjoyable experience for both of us. The keen interest shown by teachers as well as students encouraged us. Even Mr. Uday Phadke and other TEAM members of Kop’s Nursery enjoyed being with the students due to their enthusiasm and interest in all the activities. Active contribution of Mr. Bernard of Bensley Tours, Treks & Adventure and Ms. Alpana of Chiplun Hotels during practical & demonstration session showed their interest in this activity.

Everybody was amazed to see this huge banyan tree

While Jilpa took one group on nursery round, I conducted practical & demonstration sessions for another group with the help of Kop’s Nursery TEAM. We would like to share here two incidences which reflected the understanding of students as well as their imagination power.

When Jilpa was showing leaves of Monstera, the moment she told the name,


one of the students replied, “Yes, it looks so scary!” This reflects their understanding that comes only through interest & keen observation.

When they saw yellow flowers of Cassia alata, one of the students promptly said, “It looks like a corn.” What an imagination!

Cassia alata

Overall it was an astonishing experience for all of us. Their discipline was worth mentioning. Teachers took deep interest throughout the event.

This educational camp for these students was organized by Bensley Tours, Treks & Adventure of Mumbai. (Mr. Bernard –

The students stayed at Quality Resort The Riverview of Chiplun Hotels Pvt Ltd. ( )

३ वर्षांच्या मुलांपासून ते मोठ्यांपर्यन्तच्या सर्व वयोगटातील लोकांसाठी काम करण्याच्या आमच्या अनेक वर्षांच्या अनुभवामुळे हा कार्यक्रम यशस्वी झाला.

हा कार्यक्रम आम्ही ३ टप्प्यांमध्ये घेतला.

१ – नर्सरी भ्रमंती – ज्यात विविध प्रकारच्या वनस्पतींची ओळख करून देण्यात आली.

Students on round to nursery

२ – प्रत्यक्ष कार्यानुभव – ज्यात मुलांनी माती, खत, कोको पिट, मॉस अशा वेगवेगळ्या गोष्टी हाताळण्याचा अनुभव घेतला. रोपांसाठी पिशव्या भरण्याचा आणि बी पेरण्याचा  अनुभवही त्यांना आनंदित करून गेला.

३ – प्रात्याक्षिके – काही गोष्टींची प्रात्याक्षिके त्यांना दाखविली. त्यात गुटी कलम, कोय कलम, रोपांची पुनर्लागवड अशा गोष्टींचा समावेश होता.

विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी हा कार्यक्रम घेणे हा आम्हा दोघांसाठीदेखील तितकाच आनंददायी अनुभव होता. त्यांच्या प्रत्येक गोष्टीतील आवडीमुळे आम्हालाही प्रोत्साहन मिळाले.  कॉप्स नर्सरीचे श्री. उदय  फडके  व त्यांच्या सहकार्यांना देखील विद्यार्थ्यांचा उत्साह आणि आवड पाहून समाधान वाटले . सगळे  वातावरण मुलांच्या व शिक्षकांच्या उत्साहाने भारावून गेले होते.

Students doing practical

मुलांची कल्पनाशक्ती तसेच त्यांची आकलन  क्षमता यांची दोन उदाहरणे मला येथे नमूद करावीशी वाटतात.

जेव्हा मुलांनी Cassia alata ह्या झुडुपाची पिवळी फुले बघितली तेव्हा एका मुलाने सांगितले “ते मक्याच्या कणीसासारखे दिसत आहे.” ही आहे त्यांची कल्पनाशक्ती! जेव्हा त्यांना Monstera ची पाने दाखविली तेव्हा हे नाव सांगितल्याक्षणी एक मुलगी तत्परतेने म्हणाली “होय, ते पान किती भीतिदायक दिसत आहे.” ही त्यांची आकलनक्षमता थक्क करणारी होती.

हा संपूर्ण अनुभव आम्हा सर्वांसाठी खूपच समाधानकारक असा होता. मुलांची शिस्त त्यांचे कौतुक करावे अशीच होती. हा कार्यक्रम यशस्वी होण्यासाठी सर्व शिक्षकानीही खूप सहकार्य केले तसेच

Students got an opportunity to learn about water lily as well as lotus

Bensley Tours, Treks & Adventure चे श्री बर्नार्ड आणि Quality Resort च्या अल्पना चौहान ह्यांचीही मोलाची मदत झाली.

हा शैक्षणिक कॅम्प मुंबईच्या Bensley टूर्सने (Mr. Bernard – आयोजित केला होता. ही मुले चिपळूणच्या Quality Resort, The Riverview    मध्ये ( ) राहिली होती.

Splendid colours of NATURE

पावसाळा संपत आल्याचे आता जाणवायला लागले आहे. पावसाच्या सरींची तीव्रता कमी होऊ लागली आहे. सालाबादाप्रमाणे निसर्गाने आपली कलाकुसर आणि रंगछटा विविध प्रकारची फुले, फुलपाखरे, कीटक ह्यांच्या माध्यमातून मनमुरादपणे दाखविल्या आहेत.

आत्तापर्यंत दापोलीत ४५००मि मी एवढ्या पावसाची नोंद झाली आहे जी सरासरीपेक्षा खूप जास्त आहे. यंदाच्या पावसात आम्ही अनुभवलेले फुलांचे काही ताटवे, फुल, फुलपाखरे यांची झलक आपल्याला येथे पाहायला मिळेल.

Balsam in flower

 Monsoon season is past its peak period. The intensity and frequency of showers have reduced. This year Dapoli has received 4500+mm of rainfall so far which is much higher than the average annual rainfall of this place.

Like every year, nature has abundantly displayed its colours and variety in the form of flowers, butterflies, insects and so on. We are glad to share with you some of the colours of nature that we experienced during this season.

Monsoon landscape - view from Harnai bypass
Cock's comb / Kurdu flowers attract bees and insects




Sopubia - delicate pink beauty


Nature's colour of chocolate!
Cyanotis growing on rocky patches


Monsoon landscape

Yellow carpet of Smithia


Frog seen near homes during monsoon


Vigna - differently shaped flower shows nature's creativity



Purple beauty on rocky plateau